27th May 2020

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My name is Mollen Garikai, I’m a writer, web designer, blogger and I’m also a creator and editor of Amazing Disability Lifestyle.  I have a disability – Cerebral Palsy. I have lived with it my entire life so I understand how my body functions, its strengths and limitations.  To be honest, my biggest problem and fear in my life is the way society view people living with disabilities and that in turn affects how I see the world and in the end it’s like I’m coming up against the world when its actually the wrong societal perceptions in people’s mindsets which just needs to be re-programmed to the correct mentality about disability.


Being with the qwerty keyboard ever since I was 8 years old helped me identify my path towards my destiny much earlier and my career was just so right in front of me before I even knew about career guidance. haha. When I was in Grade 3, my headmaster, after realizing that I was a  very intelligent kid but due to my involuntary spastic jerky movements of my body caused by Cerebral Palsy, I couldn’t write using my hands, he came up with an idea of getting an electric typewriter since personal computers or laptops were not yet popular that time. So I was taught how to use it and within a month my tutor was satisfied and my triumphant journey began, the keyboard became my life partner ever since that time. I say triumphant because, without the typewriter my headmaster gave me, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere in life even me being intelligent no one would have known I had brains considering my brains had to be transferred from my head to the paper in the form of writing. I was the first student with CP at my school to use the gadget which paved way for other pupils with special conditions facing same challenges.

I went to King George VI School for my secondary education and then attended college at Danhiko Project where I got a Diploma in Information Technology, I’m a Web Designer, Online Entrepreneur, Social Content Manager, a blogger, and i have many IT skills since that field is quite broad. My passion lies in exploring the world of technology with the aim to find things that can help lives of people with disabilities become much easier so they can become fully independent or at least lesser dependent on family and people around them. This will help in motivating them to reach their full potential with  a purpose-driven attitude.

Below is my Professional Overview, this is what I pursue as a career,

I’m a Freelance WordPress Web Designer and I have:

– Outlined website goals and illustrated site functionality

Generated web content to meet clients’ needs

Developed responsive WordPress web designs by programming site navigation, social media links, widgets, and organizing site content.

Maintained websites by updating, implementing new technologies and monitoring performance

– Wrote About Page biography, designed graphics, developed letterheads and company logos for businesses

– Created compliant metadata for SEO functionality

– Managed and updated social media content for clients’ social blog pages

– Designed an E-commerce websites that uses Woocommerce

Yah that’s Molly In a nutshell!