27th May 2020

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Amazing Disability Lifestyle

About Amazing Disability Lifestyle


“Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.” – Michael Jordan

This platform was created by Mollen Garikai who is on a mission to build a society of empowered people living with disabilities in Zimbabwe and hope to spread the vibe across the globe as we narrate our stories on how we can live an amazing lifestyle despite challenges we face  due to our different impairments.

People with disabilities are so amazing and I have created this forum to fully unleash the awesomeness. We deserve abundance, we deserve happiness, all the adventures being experienced by anyone in the world out there. and we can do that by changing the negative mindset and perceptions we have about disability.


Everyone has a story…

Even if you think you have nothing in your life worth mentioning, you still have a story. Your is your life experiences, your life experiences are your knowledge, and your knowledge is your value.

This platform is giving people with disabilities a voice to tell and share an amazing story made up of life experiences that will impart knowledge to the world so they can, in turn, find their own value  and purpose in life.  No one can tell it better than we do because we’ve lived it, that’s how powerful we are. So why not shout your story from rooftops, share it with the world and correct the wrong perceptions surrounding disabled population around the world. Once shared, surely some people will attach themselves to your story, they will relate to it, they will like and trust you because of it, thus, you have gained your value in someone’s life.