27th May 2020

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I’m Molly, a freelance Web Designer based in Chegutu, Zimbabwe. My HTML is validated and search engine optimized, CSS organized and my WordPress sites are easily updatable. Everything is beautifully responsive and works across a variety of devices.


Responsive  Design

You don’t need to worry about how your website looks across devices. I bring full desktop sites down to the smallest mobile sizes. Consistency from your designs to beautiful usable mobile layouts is the right thing to do.

WordPress Development

I build my sites using different WordPress themes and plugins.

WooCommerce Development

Need eCommerce functionality?  I have an experience of integrating WooCommerce into WordPress, I can help you take your website beyond standard cart themes and integrate shop pages into unique designs , as well  as set up the best plugins available.

I love web designing, I put thought and heart into every project.


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